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Parents of Teen Drivers

If you visit search engines you can find several resources to assist you on this subject. Try searching on the phrase parents with teen driversť. Alternatively we have tried to make this easy for you if you visit our news page on this very topic.

A few resources on the web for parents are:

Parent-Teen Contract
You might also consider using a driving safety contract between you and your teen. This is an agreement that your child signs, in which he agrees to be a safe driver by following all restrictions you have imposed or risk losing his driving privileges. An example of this can be found at:

Talk It Out
Work with your teen driver to talk through their thought process while driving. Lets not over-do this to the point that they cannot concentrate on driving. More specifics can be found in the book for parents at:

Helpful thoughts for parents in brief are: Drive by example
Watch your emotional response while your teen is driving
Work with your teen on various driving conditions, not just dry sunny days.
Large open fields or empty parking lots are good sources for practicing

Of course while youre working with your teen driver and their permit license, we have to keep the drivers around us in mind too. Auto Safety Magnets has a focus strictly on car safety for teen drivers, their parents and driving schools. Our magnets will increase road awareness and traffic safety. Help keep the roads safe for you and other drivers. We also invite you to sign-up for our free newsletter covering Driving Schools, Car Safety and Teen Drivers at our website.

More information about the above can be found at:

Melih Oztalay, CEO
Auto Safety Magnets

About The Author Auto Safety Magnets helps teen drivers while operating their unmarked family vehicle by increasing road awareness, traffic safety and reducing driver frustration.
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