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You Can Have a Car Built To Your Custom Specs

As a result of the increasing functionality of the internet, we as customers can afford to be as choosy as we'd like and still get our way when it comes to buying new or used cars. Today, we don't have to settle for the cars on the local car lots, we can find a car matching our exact specs on any car lot in the US or custom build our own cars and have them shipped directly from the factory to the local car dealer.

Finding Customized Used Cars Online

In the past, we were limited to only the cars on the car dealer lots within our proximity. As the internet expanded our availability to shop, we could buy used cars with the exact features we love from whichever car dealership in the world happened to have it on their lot. Today, even if you live California but find more choices of used cars in Virginia Beach 3,000 miles away, you can order up your favorite used car without ever leaving your home.

How To Save Tons of Money and Still Get the Used Car You Want

But how do you get your used car from its current location to your driveway? If you live in Virginia and do a search on a nationwide auto sales database for the car of your choice and find one at a dealership in California, you'll face the challenge of getting it home. Transporting a car from one location to another can be a real pain and extremely pricey.

Here's a hint. Instead of buying your car from a distant car dealership, find a local car dealership that will bring the car to you! Car dealerships buy used cars from all around the country at auctions anyway and have them shipped to their lots. Why not let them find the one you want and bring it to you?

Many used car dealerships allow you to search online from their websites to find specific makes, models, and options on used cars directly from their nationwide database. For example, a dealership that sells used cars in Virginia Beach allows you to search not just their inventory, but a nationwide inventory of used cars based on year, make, model, trim, color, and price. When you buy from a local dealership this way, they'll bring the car right to your area and you never have to worry about shipping.

Factory Direct Customization

In today's consumer-driven market, you can get a new car built to your exact specs without paying any additional cost for this super-star treatment. If you're going to spend your hard earned money on a new vehicle, it doesn't make sense not to get exactly what you want! Because of increased competition in the auto industry, there are literally millions of combinations of options to choose from.

For example, the 2008 Ford F150 comes in more than 40 different cab styles! Ford F150 cab styles range from the standard 126" regular cab to the AWD Super Crew 139" Harley Davidson model cab. And that's just the cab! Consider options like exterior color, interior color, storage, entertainment devises, and more and your options become almost limitless. You could probably visit every car dealership from Virginia Beach to California and still not find the exact combination of options you want on the lot.

Custom Building A Ford Doesn't Mean a Higher Price Tag

It doesn't cost more to custom build a Ford online through a dealer's website than it does to buy a car off the lot with the same features. Think about it, that same Virginia Beach car sales dealership needs to order a stock of cars from the factory anyway. The sales agents pick and choose options that they think their customers will enjoy - but with so many options on cars and trucks today, what are the chances that the dealership will order vehicles with the exact features you want?

Though the option of custom building your own car online has been available for several years, most auto consumers are not taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to personalize their vehicles! Why not? Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to settle for whatever happens to be available. We can afford to be picky, choosy, and not spend a fortune to get exactly what we want.

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