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Whats A Garage Kit?

Good question. When you think of the words "garage kit" what do you think of? Personally, when I first read the words I thought about a kit that you use to build your own garage. I soon found out, after a thorough search on Google, that garages kits can be kits used to build steel garages, but the words "garage kit" most commonly refers to hobby kits!

A Brief History Of Garage Kits

Back in the good old days of model building (I say good old days because these days people are more into videogames), people were getting frustrated or bored with the amateur model building kits that the manufacturers were coming up with. There were only so many cars, planes, or boats to build. They were tired of only getting to work with models that were more non-fiction than fiction, too real life and nothing imaginative so they started to create and build their own models!

Getting Their Hands Dirty

The idea to create and build their own model kits was a good one, but a messy one. With all the saw dust, other dust, paint and other chemical fumes, it became impossible to build these kits in their homes. So, instead if slowly killing off their families, they moved their kit building projects into the garage, hence the name "garage kits".

Garage Kits, Bringing People Together

The popularity of garage kits spread quickly and far. Today garage kits are created and sold at model trading shows, much like comic books or guns. Unfortunately, due to the rise in costs for the materials to make the kits, the kits themselves now run a pretty penny and are manufactured in a smaller scale to save on material and labor costs. If a larger garage kit is what you desire, be prepared to fork out a substantial amount of dough, because the kits are a larger size they take up more material, therefore they cost more.

Finding Something You Like

Garage kits can be as simple or as complex as you choose. They can be a one-piece figure (much building isn't required), or you can get them in a lot of hundreds of pieces. These model kits don't just come in steel or cardboard. You can now get your garage kits fabricated from "white metal", which is a type of lead alloy, or you can get them fabricated from resin, soft vinyl, or even fabric.

With all the choices out there, and more being thought up and built everyday, garage kits are fast becoming the model kit of choice.
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