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What is Covered Auto Shipping?

I just saw my uncle who worked in a covered auto shipping company. That was the first time I saw him after 6 years. I think that is why we spend a lot of time exchanging stories about almost everything.

I just remembered we talked about the kind of work he did in his last job. I thought it was a really cool job because he got to drive and handle a lot of different cars not to mention the business of covered auto shipping wherein these cars are mostly expensive and even brand new.

(By the way, I think this blog would be very helpful for those who are about to ship their car and who are scheduled to have their car picked up.)

Although he told me it was real fun but at the same time, it was a difficult job since he was responsible in handling and taking good care of the customer's car-making sure there would be no kind of any scratches whatsoever--just leaving it in its perfect condition. Imagine how each of these cars cost.

He told me how he has to perform the required inspection on every car before it would be handled for shipping. One has really got to be keen on details because any kind of damage, scratch and scrape is covered by the auto shipping's insurance.

He would always ask the customer to remove any materials, things and personal items inside his auto. This is to prevent the car from being damaged inside since any of these might leave any form of mark in the car.

He uses a record book or a step by step checking material wherein first he have to check for the car's over-all condition. What type of car it is, model, color, kind of wheels and other.

He would also recommend the customer to keep his car's weight as low as possible since payment of the car shipping service depends on the weight and type of the car. That is why it is also recommended to keep the gas tank in its low level. He would advise his customer to check if the car's alarm system is turned off, if the battery is already charged and also, check if the tires are properly inflated.

There are also some precautionary procedures that must be done before accepting a car as ready for auto shipping like removing and securing any parts of the car which would possibly be loose.
Sometimes, he would even have to test drive it with the customer to make sure the engine, brakes, gas tanks, meters, etc. properly works.

There was even a time when a customer even took a photo of his BMW just to make sure and to keep some sort of evidence to keep if ever there has been any kind of damage or flaws in their shipping services.

Well, I guess my uncle's job was not really that easy after all. They already have cases where the customer would complain about some delays in their shipping schedule which my uncle said normally happens.

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