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The BMW M6 Cabriolet

Some people complain about the shifting woes of the SMG gearbox. Other complaints are how poor the BMW M6 is off the line. Maybe so, but lets see any other car fly through sharp turns at 80+ mph. The devil is in the details. The handling of the BMW M6 is tremendous to say the least. In tight traffic the car can weave in an out like it sewing a quilt. It does that without the M button engaged. To tell the truth, the M button isn't even necessary in M6. 500 hp is Lambo and Ferrari speed. Although I must note as well it does surprise a Lamborghini or Ferrari driver that a BMW can keep pace with their car. But that is the reason that the M6 is so highly respected. Go test drive an M6 or rent one. Take it out to Pacific Coast Highway as it stretches through Laguna Beach, CA. Watch how other people in top end super cars respect you as well. It is a bargain super car to say the least.

One of the great things about the M6 are it's styling. Gone are the square mirrors that are present on a typical 6 series BMW. The M6 has curvaceous, ovular mirrors which, besides looking better are more aerodynamic. The M6 has a full body kit and a magnificent quad exhaust. Plus the M6 badge is emblazoned on the front fenders of the vehicle. The front air scoops devour air to keep the engine as well as the brakes from over heating.

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