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Superchips - Power Programmers and Tuners Brand Review

England may not have the most flavorful foods, but it sure can make spicy sports cars. Jaguars, Lotuses and MGs are just a few of the big time thoroughbreds in the UK's stable, but what really gets their motors running is a Superchips programmer. You see, stock engine computer settings prevent your motor from functioning at peak performance. The Superchips power programmer resets your vehicle's brain/computer to unleash maximum horsepower, torque and efficiency.

Of course, it takes plenty of experience and know-how to get all the engine settings working in perfect unison for optimal performance, and Superchips has just that. Since their founding in 1983, Superchips has been tinkering with computer-controlled vehicles. Over the years, Superchips has learned the intricate ins and outs of properly proportioning airflow, timing and other settings. In fact, racecars tuned by Superchips have captured the checkered flag at countless international races.

Now, this track-tested technology is available for your vehicle. Best of all, you can pick up your Superchips programmer for less when buying from online parts and accessories stores.

Below are some Superchips product and brand reviews that I was able to find searching online:

"The Superchips gave me more power. I feel it when I am going up hill or when I am passing an other vehicle. The response when I hit the accelerator is really quick. When you install the chip you will notice the difference from stock. Try it for your self."

"2006 300C 5.7 hemi, I never bought a tuner before, i read a lot of great reviews and bad reviews about this one. there is not alot of control with this tuner mostly turn items off or on. on 87 octane you see only shifter changes nothing on engine performance but at 91 octane it does wake up the performance of the 5.7 hemi and i think the engine does run smoother with 91 v 87 they say to run in owners manual. Overall it's a little pricey but i think it's worth it."

"i have a hypertech, kept reading about Superchip, took a chance got it, better than the hypertech, changed shift points hypertech doesn't do, felt bigger difference in power, woth every penny"

"I purchased a Superchip for an 06' Chevy Tahoe Z71 4x4. I never did like the start 1-2nd gear, doggy. The chip made a bid difference, I can get up and go and not have to look back..."

"This is the second Flashpaq I have bought and used within the last year. The first was used on a 2005 Ford F250 pickup with a 5.4 gas engine. The reason I purchased this Flashpaq was I was towing a 29 ft. trailer (RV) and the vehicle simpley was not powerfull enough to pull the trailer without shifting into passing gear (3500 rpm) going up small hills and at times just keeping up with traffic. I purchased the tuner hoping that I could tow without the truck screaming half the time I was towing. While the tuner did help somewhat it really came down that the engine was not large enough to pull the trailer. Soooooo out with the Ford gas engine and we purchased a 2006 Chevy Silverado 6.6 diesel engine. This vehicle had more power than I would ever need but I felt I could improve the miles per gallon since I was paying up to .30 cents per gallon over gasoline and although the gas engine could not be helped powerwise I did like the diffrence in shifting and smoothness while excelerating. I purchased the Flashpaq for the diesel through AutoAnything (where I bought the first tuner, they're price was just the lowest I could find on both occasions.) After reprogramming the diesel I was amazed at the power and smoothness of the engine, it seemed effortless in acceleration from a stop or while passing. I also picked up a shade over 2 mph in town. When towing, the truck had no problem on hills, passing or starting out from a stop, what a world of difference. In short if you have a vehicle that is capable of towing and you want more power, better running and improved miles per gallon buy the Flashpaq."

About The Author The Superchips reviews speak for themselves, find a Superchip programmer or tuner at the many online shops on the web. - Andrew Bernhardt
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