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Mitsubishi Parts for Technical Strengths

Mitsubishi is a group of people that consists of a huge number of independent companies. The names of the majority of those companies contain the word "Mitsubishi" and had their origin to a shipping company started in 1870 by a man named Yataro Iwasaki. Yataro also established businesses in mining, shipbuilding, banking and insurance. He thus arranged the foundation for the subsequent growth and development of the Mitsubishi companies. The companies also share a common legacy and tradition of excellence which dated way back in 1870.

The first Mitsubishi Company was involved in shipping and later shifted into coal mining, shipbuilding, banking, insurance, warehousing and trade. The diversity of the Mitsubishi products covered from paper to steel, electrical equipments, aircrafts and autos. Mitsubishi also took a role in the world history as it manufactured the famous Zero aircraft that was used in the attack on the Pearl Harbor during the World War II. After the war, Mitsubishi divided into various independent companies in 1946 but each utilized Mitsubishi's accumulated technology and technical strengths in building their own businesses. Independent Mitsubishi companies cooperated in some ventures and likewise competed with one another in some aspects.

A lot of companies share Mitsubishi's name thus the brand can be identified with different industries. The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is only one of them and it is devoted to manufacturing of automobiles making it the fourth largest car manufacturer in Japan.

There is no need to invest a lot in Mitsubishi parts especially if it is not required. That is one big advantage of using Mitsubishi. All parts are reasonably made without compromising the high quality and performance. Mitsubishi parts like air filters, oil filters, Mitsubishi brakes, brush guard, bug shields, bulbs, fan blade, fan clutch, brake keeper, car mirror, hood, fan shroud and so much more are accurately made. Upgrading Mitsubishi parts are also obtainable for cold air intakes, spark plug wires, and high-performance shocks. Mitsubishi also provides accessories to keep car looking good all the time.

Almost all Mitsubishi are made by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM parts). There are also Mitsubishi aftermarket parts, Mitsubishi replacement parts and Mitsubishi performance parts to service all customers' needs. Mitsubishi parts are new and assured to fit. They are all engineered to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers' specifications.

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