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Mercedes Clutch Discs-- Performs Great Even in Clutch Situations

Engine power is not everything for the Mercedes Benz. In needs the full support of other components to realize the potentials of what it can do especially during critical applications. With engaging and disengaging of the engine to the gearbox, the clutch system extends the full potentials of a Benz beyond expectations.

While engaging and disengaging the engine to the gear in a manual-type transmission of a Mercedes, the clutch system transfers the torque to the vehicle's transmission quickly.

Along with the pressure plate, release bearing/throw out bearing, pilot bearing/bushing, alignment tool, and flywheels, the Mercedes clutch disc is a steel plate covered with a friction material that goes between the flywheel and the pressure plate. While at the center of the disc is the hub, designed to fit over the spines of the input shaft and the transmission.

As the clutch is engaged, the disc is "squeezed" between the flywheel and pressure plate. Thus, the power is conveyed by the disc's hub to the input shaft of the transmission. They are lined with asbestos, which is the same material used in brake shoes and pads. It enhances grip between the flywheel and the disc. However, trucks and racing cars use the ceramic-type for enhanced friction. With clutches of better materials used for friction and stronger springs to go with it, the Benz will perform greater like faster and harder launches, quicker shifts, and longer durability.

There are clutch kits which have more than one friction discs. The springs press the discs together against the flywheel. These Mercedes clutch discs come in different makes, custom fit for any Mercedes model. Aside form being available in the nearest auto parts stores, these clutch discs can be availed online through the cyberspace where it is more convenient to browse on with fast, customer-centric shipment.

About The Author Dwyane Thomas is a part time cook and full-time auto-enthusiast. This 31-year old Civil and Environmental graduate is a consultant at one of the engineering firms in Pennsylvania.
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