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Legend Of Honda Type-R

The H logo on the red background with white paint, newly modified engine and red Recaro seats" A short phrase to define the type-R version from Honda. Type-R stands for Type Racing which was develop to satisfy the need for speed lovers. It was started in Japan at the beginning of the year 1990.

However, the project wasn't start as a type-R project so you can't actually call it a type-R. It started from the Civic SiR product line with the vehicle body code EF9 in the year 1991 and later EG6 and EG9 SiR in the year 1992. This version of Honda Civic is the first version came with a B16A engine, sporty interior and a fully modified suspension for the additional horsepower.

Later in the year 1992, the first type-R product line was released to the market. It is the special edition Honda NSX type-R. Honda produced the NSX-R in a limited amount and the car weight was reduced from 1,350 kilograms to 1,230 kilograms.

The type-R was well known for being a modified version for the Honda Civic EK body and the Honda Integra, a sport from the same fundamental during 1,998,000-2,500,000 Yen or only about 670,000-825,000 THB while the NSX reach 10 million yen or about 3 million baht, an affordable price for middle class people who are addicted to speed.

The Civic type-R under body code EK9 comes with a B16B engine which was modified for additional horsepower, the 1.6 liters engine with the total amount of 185 horsepower. It is a well recognized engine without the air compression system or known as NA for being one of the best engines that can produce the most horsepower per 1 liter engine. While the DC2 Integra with a B18C-R engine, 1.8 liters and 200 horsepower with a 5 speed manual transmission.

5 years later, the code EK9 and DC2 sill recognize by the Honda Civic and Integra fans but the Honda motor company doesn't stop so they came out with the new EP3 Civic and DC5 Integra with the newly change engine from the B family engine to the K20A, 2.0 liters i-VTEC which can yield approximately about 200 to 220 horsepower.

The Honda NSX-R role was decrease and they came out with NSX type-S Zero instead in the year 1997. The NSX-R came back again in the year 2000.

Why the type-R logo must come with the H logo on red background? It is because the first Honda formula-one car that won the grand prix in the year 1960 was painted in championship white and the H logo on red background. Their intention is to keep the sensation of the race from the track to the present Honda cars. In the present there are only the type-R version, all race car and formula one cars that are currently using this logo.

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