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As much as individuals in a wheelchair live ordinary lives, the issues of accessibility always seem to make an appearance. Even the simplest of things - such as everyday transportation - can be a burden without the proper services. That's why I was excited to hear about the newly equipped taxicabs that are helping to expand the transportation possibilities for those with limited mobility.

A newly passed city policy in Louisville, KY (and many other cities across the U.S. and Canada) now requires any taxicab services, with more than 25 cars in its fleet, to have a small percentage that are wheelchair-accessible. I realize that this is far from opening up widespread transportation opportunities, but we can agree that it's definitely a step in the right direction.

The accessible taxicabs will be specially designed with a ramp or a wheelchair lift for full accessibility. The cabs will be able to accommodate one passenger in a wheelchair plus two additional passengers. This is great news for those requiring transportation outside the hours of normal public bus service.

Information on transportation and accessibility for disabled travelers is one of the main topics covered by Robert Bennett, a writer for - an online informational guide to electric and manual wheelchairs, scooters, mobility accessories, and wheelchair news in general. Recently the website has been overhauled, and it now sports a brand new more user-friendly design, complete with interactive blogs and a more interactive reader mailbag where you can post your questions or comments.

The Enabled Traveler, a blog devoted to accessible travel is also interactive. Robert Bennett writes his column to fellow travel enthusiasts with physical limitations. He is a dedicated social worker who devotes much of his time to writing publications on the topic of disability. Each week he offers new helpful information on everything you need to know to make traveling a successful experience. Think of him as your own personal travel expert, providing accessibility information on airports, hotels, trains, buses, and popular vacationing destinations. If you love to travel, then be sure to check out this fantastic new blog.

The Wheels in the City Column has also been transformed into an interactive blog, where readers can now post their comments and share their own stories. Chantal Huinink, writer of Wheels in the City, writes about the joys and troubles she faces each day concerning living life in a wheelchair. Born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, Chantal uses an electric wheelchair. She is a psychology student at the University of Guelph, and enjoys sharing her stories, witty humor, and her adventures with readers.

Be sure to visit and become a part of the newly designed, interactive community at

About The Author Raquel Simons has done a lot of research on wheelchairs and acts as a freelance writer for - a site that offers information on stair lifts, wheelchair vans, power wheelchairs and more.
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