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Headlights And What Ones Are Better

Car headlights come in many shapes and sizes, and systems. If you don't know what one that you need, then you will not be able to get the right auto parts that go with them.

Almost all cars that were created until the 1970's had a round headlight. These early 6 volt cars headlights were dimmer than the cars that we have today. The manufacturers saw this and wanted to make them brighter, so they switched to the brighter 12 volt powered headlights. These let you see better on the road and required less auto parts to put them in place.

Some of the manufacturers in the 60's had a four round headlight system, two for low beam and all four were used for a high beam. Most of these came in a side by side design that worked well for the time. Most of these had a switch on the inside of the car that let you go between the two settings so that you could use either type of headlight.

The cars in the 80's and 70 have still used the side by side system, but they had a more rectangle looking light instead of the round ones that were common before hand. The other changes that have taken place are that they used to be a sealed design that let you just go to the auto parts store and get a bulb that could be changed inside the headlight. Now you have to change out the entire headlight when it becomes damaged or stops working.

There is also a new style of headlight that is known as a projection beam. These are those blue looking lights that you may have seem on cars coming down the road at you. They give the driver a better view of what is in front of the car, but they also have a tendency to blind the oncoming car.

Headlights have really changed over the years and many people will notice that the cars that they drive don't take the same auto parts as they once did. This is just a part of the auto industry and the advances that they make over the years. You should get on that train and go with them, because when we start having the flying cars of tomorrow, you may be left in the dust looking for your car keys.

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