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Green Filters Performance Parts Still on Top

"The first attempt for the production of a motor vehicle resulted into a steam engine-powered military tractor that French engineer Nicolas Joseph Cugnot invented. This was in 1769, almost three centuries ago. And with the theoretically-planned designs drafted by Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, the evolution of cars became possible. Parts after parts were added to this revolutionary machine so that performance would be all the more satisfying. Pretty soon we are faced with a variety of cars and brands to choose from. One such vital part on motor vehicles is its air filter. As derived from its name, it filters air so that unwanted particles do not spoil the car's engine and ruin its overall performance. Internal combustion engines depend mostly on these air filters to not let even the tiniest particles unknown to mankind pass through and make a pad out of the car's engine. The airflow should not be disturbed or get any distraction from these unwanted particles to continue giving off that smooth engine sound that seem musical to the driver's ears. Any chug and a car owner's day is ruined. Air filters then would especially be an essential part of a street-racer's car, as it would have the major role of securing that the sports car's engine is free from micro-particles of dust and the like. Better airflow could mean a great deal of speed as sports cars smoothly ride with the wind all thought the race. The evolution of air filters started and a lot of companies pitched in to enhance the air filters for cars. Among the lot of companies specializing in air filter production is Green Filters. They have made different kinds of air filters for every specific car need that they would want to fill in. A decade of service has proven the quality they put in with every air filter they make and sell to the public. Air filters go through different types of tried-and-tested stages before it is approved to be perfectly fit for marketing in public. Green Filters' years of service resulted to their uniquely-designed cotton air filter. Other companies stick to the 4-layered cotton gauze for the filters, they stick to using only 2-layered woven-cotton filter, like in a cotton t-shirt. This is caused by their belief that intake exhaust could suck in bits of cotton from the air filter, and instead of making the engine cleaner and dirt-free, the filter may even be the one to disturb the car's supposed smooth airflow. Green Filters' air filter designed after a cotton shirt shows it was carefully engineered to maintain the car's quality in proper condition. Green Filters performance parts have unique and nonetheless efficient filtration process as long as it is continuously oiled so that the positive magnetic charge that it creates with the mesh attracts its oppositely-charged dusts. These two then build a tunnel around the mesh, thus, the woven-cotton filter remains clean for better performance."

About The Author John Garret is an automobile mechanic who knows every crook and cranny of his truck. He's also a vintage car enthusiast, and he's dedicated to fixing and restoring them. He is a motorist who believes in continuous research and improvement. Check this link for more details regarding">Green Filters
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