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From Loom Parts to Suzuki Parts

It could have lived and survived with the production and distribution of weaver looms around the world. It could have garnered even several millions of dollars today. But its venture with engines, motorcycles, automobiles and other products was even a brighter idea that brought progress to the almost century old Japanese company Suzuki. The first Suzuki car assembly that was made in 1937 was the company's first ticket to automotive industry. Having been able to build a mini car that was loved by people was a great leap for Suzuki. The first car's Suzuki parts include a liquid cooled four-stroke engine, aluminum crankcase and gear box that have the capacity to supply 13 horsepower to the car.

The cease order of the Japanese government to the civilian car production was issued during the World War II. Because of this, Suzuki ventured back to loom making and has even expanded abroad as demands got higher. The loom production bid goodbye in 1951 when textile market sloped down. The company bounced back to the manufacturing of vehicle engines which lead them to create another prototype car. In 1952, the creation of the 36 cc engine for motorcycle impelled the company to the establishment of Suzuki Motor Corporation. This corporation is now known world wide as one of the successful makers of autos, motorbikes and Suzuki parts.

Had there no any colossal struggles in the ventures of the company, it could be too hard for them to explore beyond boundaries. It could have been too impossible to be doing a 180 twist of market. But this time, proving the immense diversities that Suzuki Motor Corporation has created, the company sets out a slogan which states "Way of Life."

Suzuki Motor Corporation markets 7 models this year, from hatchback coupe to powerful SUV. These models are the XL7, Grand Vitara, SX4 Crossover, SX4 Sport, Forenza, Forenza Wagon and Reno. The company is pursuing the concept of eventually producing the first ever Suzuki pick-up truck while continuing the production of other car models and replacement OEM Suzuki parts. Other Suzuki models are also released in other countries, each built according to the demographic and diversity of culture in each country. In Europe, Suzuki Swift was accepted by the public with its Europe road-friendly features and design.

About The Author Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.
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