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DVLA Cherished Number Plates

DVLA cherished number plates are just as popular with celebrities as they are with the regular 'Joe'. A cherished number plate is a way for one to stand out and celebrities want separate or unique distinction for their vehicles just as much as the rest of us!

Can you imagine refusing 50,000 grand in order to keep your DVLA cherished number plate? Well, that's exactly what Max Bvgraves did. He loves his Rolls Royce and obviously his MB 1 plate just as much! Mr. Bvgraves is the record holder for the greatest number of appearances in Royal Variety Performances.

You may have never heard of Nicky Clarke, but maybe his number plate will reveal a significant clue: H41 RDO. Nicky Clarke is a hairstylist for celebrities in the field of film, TV, music and the fashion industry.

Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian? Well, there is room in the industry for a talented comedian, but there is only one who gets to drive around with the coveted COM 1C plate, that is the Liverpool native Jimmy Tarbuck.

Engelblert Humperdink is the proud owner of two DVLA cherished number plates. He has owned EH 1 for many years and displays it proudly on his Rolls Royce Corniche. More recently, he received the number plate 25 AGD as a gift from his wife and friend. 25 AGD stands for the year purchased, 2005, and his birth name which is Arnold George Dorsey.

A DLVA cherished number plate that attempts to reveal a more humble celebrity side is one that read S8 RRY owned by Robbie Williams. Robbie was trying to communicate to his fans that his Ferrari purchase was a bit extravagant. Apparently, the Ferrari was a bit much for Robbie since he later traded in the sports car for a moped.

After magician Paul Daniels became interested in the number plate MAG 1C, he soon realized that it was already taken. The owner even refused a grand for it! However, many years later he ran across the coveted MAG 1C number plate and snatched it up!

Ever wonder how the billionaire Mr. Buffet made his money? Well in 2001 he donated his Lincoln Town Car to raise money for a youth organization. Included in the auction was his personal U.S. vanity plate: THRIFTY. Maybe that's the secret to wealth and success?!

DVLA cherished number plates are a fun way to express originality or to give as a unique gift! It's fun to see what celebrities plate their vehicles with, but by no means are all the creative number plates taken. A quick search online will reveal if the DVLA cherished number plate of your dreams is still available!
About The Author James Johnson, you can add that bit extra to your own pride and joy. See what cherished number plates the celebs are sporting.
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