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Customize your Bmw Driving Experience With Speakers

Long trips in your glorious BMW 328i or 330Ci just would not be the same without your super auto audio system in place. Instead of a boring wait to get where you are going, your trip is transformed by the addition of music via your integrated iPod, satellite or terrestrial radio, audiobooks or your favorite talk shows being served up on your car stereo's amazing audio technology. 328i speakers and 330Ci speakers are key to hearing it all with crystal clarity and definition. There are different varieties of speakers that can make a difference in the type of sound that speaker can produce.

Whe n choosing your 328i speakers remenber that coaxial speakers are favored for ease of installation because all of the drivers and crossovers are already built into them. If you wish your BMW to have a more precise sound system, perhaps if you want to hear those high violin notes come through loud and clear in your classical music, then you might want to go for separates. This is when you purchase individual components for specific placement locations within your vehicle, in order to obtain the sound you prefer.

For those wishing even more customization in the sound that their car stereo system can produce, horns might be in order. By using horns, you can dispense with the tweeters in your stereo system, because horns pick up the mid and high range frequencies very well. They are more costly than traditional speakers, however, and often require an appropriate equalizer.

Center channels are another type of speaker you could consider installing in your BMW 328i or 330Ci. This specialized speaker's function is to bring the vocals of the song you are listening to on your car's stereo to the front of the car. Sometimes car speakers are installed in door panels, and that can lead to a little less immediacy of sound than when the prominent sound line you would like to hear, namely the vocals, are brought closer up to your ears rather than your feet. It's a subtle shift, but one connoisseurs of music will much appreciate.

The placement of whatever speakers you choose to install in your BMW can also have an impact on what your music sounds like. Your goal is to try to reproduce the musical sounds on your CD or iPod or radio the way it would sound if you were attending a live concert. The vocalist would be on a stage in front of you, with the band fanned out around him or her. This sound effect is what you are trying to achieve within the confines of your car's interior. It takes some experimentation with speaker placement to get the sound you prefer. All of the little details of customization and precise placement of your 330Ci speakers will pay off big sound dividends the next time you take a long road trip, or even just a short commute, in your BMW.

About The Author Wayne Hemrick is an audiophile and BMW driver who appreciates audio excellence. After customizing the placement of the speakers in his BMW, he decided to share these tips on how to integrate your audio system to get the most from your e328i speakers or 330Ci speakers.
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