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Chrysler Crossfire - Brakes and Brake Assist System

The power-assisted braking system provided in the Chrysler Crossfire is befitting to the performance level of the Chrysler. Undoubtedly, brakes and brake assistant system are important factor of a racing car like Crossfire. The brakes and brake assist system in the Chrysler Crossfire is appropriate for a racing car and also has set yardstick for others in the motor industry.

Following are some of the salient features of brake assist system used in the Chrysler Crossfire. The brake system of the crossfire has large diameter ventilated front discs and solid rear discs. The system is backed up by the highly sophisticated electronic wizards of Brake Assist System and ANS anti-lock.

The front brakes of crossfire have ventilated discs of 300 X 28 mm measure with single piston floating calipers. The rear brake discs of crossfire measures 278 X 9mm. These rear discs have opposed-piston calipers. When any set of front pads becomes worn the wear sensors fitted in the system illuminate dashboard warning light. The power assistance is provided through tandem master cylinder and single=diaphragm vacuum booster.

The Chrysler Crossfire has state of the art ABS consisting of four-channel, four wheel anti-lock of standard quality. This brake system is considered most suiting for the crossfire.

When a driver applies heavy brakes, specifically on slippery surface, the system gets activated and applies and releases the brakes at high rate. The optimum brake applies and release rate is 30 times per second. Despite the higher rate of brake applying and release the system prevents wheel lock up and helps the driver in retaining steering control.

The Brake Assist System fitted in the Chrysler Crossfire anticipates the emergency application of brake by the driver and immediately releases optimum available power boost to help the driver gain control over the car without loosing steering control. The driver may have usual human tendency of not braking hard or not breaking soon enough. The Brake Assist System overcomes these problems.

Like other features of the Chrysler Crossfire, its brakes and brake assist system is reliable. The system is of high standard quality technology and produces excellent performance even in adverse conditions.

About The Author Scott Byers is the owner of My Chrysler Crossfire, a complete chrysler crossfire resource with articles on the car, and all of it's features.
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