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Car floor mats can generally be classified into three main areas: all-weather floor mats, carpet floor mats and liners.

Anyone who lives in cold, wintery climates knows a thing or two about all-weather floormats. They simply become a necessity. And for many truck owners, a good truck liner like Husky Liners is definitely worth the investment. Here are some customer comments that we found interesting:

"The [all-weather] floor mats are perfact for someone like me. Im a landscaper and getting in and out of my car it's always dirty. But when its time to clean up they look as good as new every time."

"I use my truck for snow plowing. These mats will help protect the floor and keep sand and salt from getting into the rugs."

"We have a Husky Liner in our 2005 Explorer and in our new 2007 Expedition. Save the vehicles appearance at a modest cost. Now we can load gardening supplies to boating supplies without fear of damaging our SUV's. Can not imagine having a vehicle without a Husky Liner."

"The husky cargo liner I ordered for my 2005 Liberty fit perfectly, matched perfectly and does the job I got it for. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a Liberty who wants to save the carpent in the back cargo area. Plus it has slight texture that keeps the bags from sliding all over the place. Great product."

On the other end of the spectrum are carpet floor mats which come in a variety of quality and materials. Discriminating shoppers will often upgrade to super-plush floor mats. Let's face it, luxurious carpet floor mats add style and protection to your vehicle and most of these floor mats are custom-tailored for your vehicle so they have a great fit. And for roughly the same cost of plush-premium carpet floor mats, you might want to opt for Berber floor mats. Berber floor mats can add character and a certain charm to your vehicle and they are naturally wear-resistant. Berber Floor Mats are crafted from automotive-grade nylon and backed with a ribbed rubber bottom layer that won't slip. Here are some customer comments we found that might be helpful:

"I bought these for my 1999 Chevy Tahoe. The factory set were garbage, and the aftermarket sets from the local autopart stores were worse. A friend of mine told me about these mats a few years ago when he bought them for his Corvette, but I was always reluctant to spend a little extra for something I'm ruining, anyway, on a day-to day basis. Well, I was wrong. I should have purchased these mats years ago. Wow."

"I ordered these for my Lexus LS400.These mats are fantastic! The color was perfect. They covered more area than the original mats. The eyelets for the hold down hooks were a perfect match. I am fully satisfied and highly recommend these mats. "

How to car for floor mats, all-weather floor mats and liners:

All-Weather Floor Mats: When leaves, dirt and gravel start building up on your all weather floor mats, the fastest cleaning technique is simply to pull them out and give them a quick shake. Of course, a once over with a vacuum cleaner also works well. If sodas, coffees or juice boxes spill on your all weather floor mats, just rinse them off with your garden hose. The water will wash away any stickiness, but remember to take them out of your car first.

Floor Liners: Because of the floor liners larger size and tighter fit, the best way to clean them is with a vacuum. That way, you dont have to pull them out every time you track in some sand, mud or muck. For stickier messes, you can give your floor liner a backyard bath with a garden hose. If you prefer leaving it in place, you can also use any standard household cleaners. Be sure to test for colorfastness first, though.

Carpet Floor Mats: Care for your carpet floor mats the same as your home carpet. A quick pass with your vacuum is about all it takes to keep them looking their best. Accidents can happen-drinks topple over, mud gets tracked in and children get car sick. The best way to deal with these types of mishaps is by spot-treating the affected area with standard carpet cleaners.

Floor Mats and SUV Cargo Liners, like Husky Cargo Liners are an excellent way to preserve and improve the appearance of your vehicle's interior. - David S. Brooks
About The Author David Brooks is the SEO Manager for AutoAnytyhing, an auto accessories and performance parts e-tailer based in San Diego, CA.
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