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Bmws Twin Turbo Leads at the International Engine of the Year

BMW has obtained another success at the ninth annual International Engine of the Year Awards: its 3-liter twin turbo has been crowned as the International Engine of the Year for 2007. The Bavarian automaker and manufacturer of high quality BMW fog light has also won additional International Engine of the Year Awards for its other engines: the 2.5 liter inline six and the 5 liter V10. But among the awards that BMW has received it is the success of the 3-liter twin turbo which dominated the Best New Engine of 2007 category that really delighted the automaker. The 3-liter twin turbo is presented at the Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.

According to BMW's Director of Powertrain Peter Langen, "This is a tremendous achievement and important recognition of the lengths our engineers have gone to in order to ensure the success of our turbocharged petrol engines. We are proud to once again be honored as the manufacturer of the International Engine of the Year."

The International Engine of the Year Awards was independently judged by 62 motoring journalists from 30 countries. Aside from BMW, Volkswagen's 1.4 liter turbocharged and supercharged TSI unit also won for the second year in a row in the 1-liter to 1.4 liter class together with its larger sibling, the 2-liter turbo developed by Audi and equipped in the Golf GTi and Audi A3. The 1.4 liter turbocharged and supercharged TSI has also top the 1.8 liter to 2 liter category.

The present world's largest automaker Toyota has also received an award for its 1.5 liter hybrid that powers the Prius. It was named Best Fuel Economy Engine while its 1-liter 3 cylinder equipped on the Aygo and Yaris have received awards in the Sub 1-liter category.

Porsche the German sports car maker has finally won an International Engine of the Year Award trophy and its for the 3.6 liter turbo engine found on the 911 turbo which was voted as the best 3-liter to 4 liter engine in production at present.

About The Author Evander Klum is a Business Administration graduate who hails from Alabama. He enjoys extreme sports and he is also a car racing fanatic. At present, he works as a marketing manager at an advertising agency in Cleveland.
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