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Better Ride Control Through Mazda Struts

Tasked to provide comfortable ride and handling, a Mazda's suspension is a system of spring and linkages used to suspend the frame, body, engine, and powertrain of the vehicle above its wheels. The system has a threefold function, one of which is to ensure the comfort of the passengers whenever the vehicle is running. This function is particularly taken care of by the structure's ability to reduce pressure. It tries to absorb all the shocks and vibrations generated by road irregularities and repel stiffness caused by sudden turns and brakes in speed of a Mazda RX5 or Mazda 6.

One of the key components of Mazda's suspension system is the Mazda strut. Arguably, Mazda struts are the main reason behind Mazda vehicles' capacity to run on an off-road track without upsetting the comfort that the driver and passengers alike feel as they ride. By supporting the weight of the vehicle while it is moving or coming to a sudden halt, Mazda struts are able to significantly resist pressure caused by inertia or the center of gravity. This allows the car to adapt to road irregularities and saves the driver from the hassle of having to slow down significantly when driving on bumpy roads and negotiating with twists and turns.

While Mazda shocks cushions vertical pressure caused by bumps and rough road strips, Mazda struts work by giving outwards-facing support to withstand longitudinal compression. In a way, struts function similarly with shocks, but in a complementary - not parallel - way.

There are various Mazda strut inserts available in the market today. One can choose to purchase Mazda strut bars, strut bellows, strut assembly, and/or strut mount, depending on the particular replaceable strut component/s. Strut inserts should be replaced when worn out and damaged. A reliable strut ensures better control of a vehicle, 'straighter' car alignment, and easier steering.

About The Author Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.
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