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Being Safe Behind the Wheel This Halloween

"From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!"

This is an old Scottish saying on one of the events that children and teenagers look forward to year after year. Halloween. And this is the time when people who would love to be what they really wanted to be can dress up the part. You can most certainly see various versions of Frankenstein monsters, Darth Vaders, faeries, princesses, goblins, ghosts, and other creatures.

However, it is also very important to note that during such an event, many people also do get involved in car crashes, collisions, or accidents. After all, you should keep in mind that when Halloween night is on, many children who are going trick or treating usually choose to wear black and scare other kids. And the Michigan American Automobile Association, or AAA, does remind parents and guardians to be extra cautious about where their children are going. With that, Jack Peet, the manager of Community Safety Services for Michigan's AAA, says, "The risk of becoming a pedestrian fatality increases four times during Halloween."

As a motorist, it is important that one should go through neighborhoods much slowly than usual. Being on the alert for small children in black darting about shadows would also do you much good. Sure enough, if you would take much notice, these children would be running from house to house if they can all because they are excited about the thought that they are getting more candy. However, what they do not seem to remember is the fact that by crossing the street, they could get hit by oncoming vehicles.

Now if you are a parent or a guardian of a little kid screaming to go trick or treating with his or her friends, the best way would be for you to actually go with your little one as he takes in the Halloween fun. That way, you yourself could check about his safety and make sure that he does not get struck by Dodge auto parts on careening down the street on its wheels.

About The Author Tracy is a 29 year old researcher and writer from Dallas, Texas with extensive experience in writing auto-related articles and covering automotive related events. She is currently a contributing writer for a leading automotive e-zine.
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