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Bakflip Tonneau Cover Review

At first glance you might think the spelling is wrong for this tonneau cover. This is the way it was intended to be spelled. It is made by BAK Industries hence the spelling. Bak is also the creator of the RollBak tonneau cover . Bak Industries say "Our belief is that just because a truck is used for work, doesn't mean it should look like a work-truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of sophistication and style." Their company is located in North Hollywood California.

The Bakflip tonneau cover is a real nice piece of work. This hard truck bed cover is made of an automotive grade exterior UV Resistant plastic which is also scratch resistant. The cores of the panels are filled with a very sturdy resin based honeycomb structure which is waterproof. These panels are made not to crack, warp or fade. The panels are framed with a powder coated aircraft quality aluminum. All of this makes a light weight very durable tonneau cover.

The cover folds up in sections, and in seconds, all the way up to the cab of the pickup truck. This gives you easy access to your truck bed while still having the security and gas saving qualities of a tonneau cover. It sits flat on the truck bed and leaves the stake holes uncovered to allow you to use different types of racks. Great for a ladder rack, canoe rack and more.

There are testimonials of this truck cover saying it is shipped, very well packaged. This is good to ensure that your truck bed cover arrives to your door as it was sent from the warehouse. Many say the cover installs very easily. You can even go to the Bak industries website for an installation video.

Some say that the cover is water tight while others say that some water will get in. It seems that sometimes there is a sealer problem with some applications. When they contacted Bak Industries, Bak sent them some different thicknesses of sealer, which did solve the problem. It seems that the two screws which hold the front of the tonneau cover secure were made of steel and rust would show after a short time. Some changed these to stainless steel or galvanized Overall most people were very satisfied with their purchase. Even the one's that had slight problems. The look of the Bakflip tonneau cover and the easy installation and how easy it was to get access to their truck bed made them very pleased with their purchase.

It seems the tonneau cover becomes very secure with the addition of a tailgate lock. The way the truck cover latches you need to open the tailgate to open the truck bed cover which is great to keep unwanted people from getting at your cargo.

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