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Volvo, Out To Conquer Indian Auto Market

The Volvo Car Corporation is out to expand their market. And they have decided on introducing and bringing their cars to India. They would be having the start of sales of their vehicles come the last quarter of this year.

Volvo Cars India would be having its main office based in Delhi. Of course, they would do need to introduce their products and vehicles in the market first and Volvo has decided to bring out the luxury car Volvo S80 and the crossover sport utility vehicle Volvo XC90 first in the market. As the vehicles get product recall, the company is planning on bringing more cars to the Indian automobile market.

President and chief executive officer of Volvo Cars is Fredrik Arp and he says, "It is an important step for Volvo Cars to establish a presence on this market at a time when India is showing considerable growth in the passenger car market. Moreover, we believe that the timing is right in comparison with our closest competitors."

With India having a good growth in its economy plus a low rate of inflation, the company believes that it would indeed be a good starting ground for bringing Volvo cars to the Indian market. Volvo is expecting to see an increase in their total sales as the years go on.

Fredrik Arp even continues by saying, "All these models represent modern Scandinavian elegance and we are convinced they will be highly successful on the Indian market too. Our objective is to build the already strong Volvo brand in India with quality prestige cars from Volvo."

After the launch of the two mentioned Volvo vehicles in the market, the company would also be targeting on bringing in new vehicles to the Indian market from 2006 up until 2009. The plans are to bring new models like the Volvo C70 convertible, Volvo C30 compact car.

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About The Author Kenneth McKinley is a 35-year old marketing specialist of, a leading Volvo parts dealer in the country today. Working in the car parts industry for a long time now and being a car enthusiast himself gives him a wealth of knowledge on anything automotive.
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