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Toyota Grabs Its First Pole Position in Nascar

For the first time this season, Toyota has earned its NASCAR Nextel Cup pole position, thanks to Dave Blaney, who drove his No. 22 Caterpillar Toyota Camry and set the fastest lap time in the recent practice test that took place at the New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon.

Blaney pushed his Toyota "Car of Tomorrow" Camry equipped with Toyota Sway Bar Link to reach a maximum speed of 129.437 mph, and clocked in at 29.426 leaving other drivers behind. Blaney's achievement is a milestone for Toyota Racing team as this is the first time that a Toyota car obtained a pole finish. Dave Blaney will put his Toyota Camry in the number 1 starting position at the upcoming Lenox Industrial Tools 300 race this coming July.

Check out what Dave Blaney said after the qualifying race.

"It feels good to get the first pole for Toyota and hopefully this is the first step in many successful days of poles and wins. We've been good all day and been getting a lot of speed out of the car. All of the Toyotas have been real good lately and Brian Vickers has had some good runs lately too. The Toyota side is definitely working hard and I just can't thank everyone at Bill Davis Racing enough. Especially Tommy Baldwin, Bill Davis, Mike Brown and everybody. We've had a trying year with problems and DNFs. It's been tough being out of the top-35 because it's hard to concentrate on the races when you have to concentrate on getting into them. This is a big confidence booster for the whole team and any day where you can build confidence in your entire team and driver makes for a good day."

The press asked Blaney if he already had the feeling that he would grab the pole, and he said:
"I watched everybody early and I saw that some of their speeds were falling off some from practice. I wasn't sure what we could run and I knew we didn't really change anything from practice. But in my situation I have to focus on getting into the race more than going for the pole. I can't make a mistake and risk not getting into the race. I was a little conservative on my first lap, but when I found out that it was fast enough to get into the show -- I gave that second lap a little more and I was able to put it on top of the board. It's a tough position to be in because you have to be cautious enough to get it, but aggressive enough to get in the race. But yeah - I thought we could get the pole."

NASCAR fans will surely watch out for the upcoming race in Loudon and see if Dave Blaney can give his Toyota team its first NASCAR victory.

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