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The Honda Reliability Factor

The Honda brand are some of the most popular and highest selling vehicles available today. It seems that every vehicle they make rates very high with buyers and they have developed a very good reputation. In the late eighties that was not the case. Some of the models had some reliability issues, but still there was a cult following. Since then a remarkable transformation has taken place. The quality has improved greatly and they have slowly invaded the coveted US market with great results. How do they do it?


Honda vehicles have one of the highest reliability factors in the industry. Take the Honda Oddessy for example. This model minivan is always in high demand and you really could not get a deal when it came to price. Because the demand was high, the price stayed high. Still people paid because of the reputation. Today it is usually a shoot out between Toyota and Honda over the most reliable minivan market. Neck in neck is a good sign that there is quality there. Somehow the US automakers failed to realize that and deliver the product that the customers really wanted. Instead they stuck to the tried and true business plan that they have always dominated with in the past. Times are changing, we are firmly entrenched in a global economy. I would have to think that the good folks at Honda figure that one out earlier.


Honda gets points for style and cutting edge design. In today's market even smaller car companies have figured out that there is an edge to features. Honda has always led the way in giving the market solid cars with good engines and very practical features on the insides.


Honda vehicles are not always the lowest priced vehicles. One reason is that they do not have to be. The financing promotions are not always the greatest either. Lately anything promoting less than 4.9% is very rare. Again the culprit is demand. Families today want value, and value is reliability. People use the Internet to research value and find out they are better off spending a little bit more and getting a better quality vehicle.


Honda is not afraid to take chances and offer something no one has ever seen. Take the Ridgeline Truck series for example. The under the bed storage feature was a first in the industry. Ask any owner if he likes it and they may sit you down for a detailed story of how cool it really is. Another great feature of the truck is that it actually rides great, not like the typical truck. Seats that fold up in the rear give the truck some versatility that was missing in the market for a long time. Having the ability to put ones items in the back cab if it starts raining is a feature that sells itself. Honda proves that listening to their core market buyers pays off. The last feature is that the Ridgeline actually rides like a car. Imagine the fact that you can drive a truck that actually is a pleasure to drive. Ad in all the extra features and you have a vehicle that you will be proud to own.

Honda research is smart, they know their market. For this reason they will continue to dominate and you will see increased growth from this company. Any smart business would be smart to emulate them.

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