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The Ford Explorer Sport Track: a Vehicle for the Whole Family

Ford Motors has been known to produce exceptional vehicles through its lengthy history. Dominating the pickup market with their Ford F-150 for the past thirty years, the company continues its tradition of setting the bar higher for themselves and the competition.

The 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Track is no exception to that. This all new radically revised vehicle looks like as if it is a hybrid of the Ford F-150 and an Explorer. But it is not. It is a completely new car which has been making waves in the automobile industry due to the fact that American consumers are appreciating its looks and performance level.

The vehicle comes with a 4.6 liter V8 engine which can produce 292 horsepower, also common on most Ford trucks in production. The engine is complemented with a six speed automatic transmission with a gear span ratio of 6.04:1 which makes the car more energy efficient and reduce its emissions. Its towing capability is a respectable 6,800 pounds and has a cargo capacity of 1,390 pounds. Fuel economy is also a huge issue and the new Ford Sport Track is one of those cars which can give a lot of power but does not consume much fuel having a gas mileage rating of nearly 15 mpg in 60/40 per cent highway or city driving.

The suspension system of the vehicle is also unlike that of the Ford F-150. This vehicle has the Independent Rear Suspension which provides a smooth ride to the occupants. But if you want to even further increase the stability and the handling performance of the truck and further increase its good looks, you will not go wrong with an Eibach Pro Kit springs.

What specially makes this vehicle a great car is its styling. The positive response to the trucks exterior design can be heard from almost anyone regardless of gender. It is a great family vehicle that can perform the duties of a pickup truck well enough. Another added bonus to the styling of the vehicle both in and out is the quiet drive comparable to a sedan; it may be even quieter than some sedans. Good steering is also one plus for the truck for it has one of the more responsive steering systems in the market. The vehicle can be driven on a straight highway or twisting side roads and the steering prowess can be felt easily.

The truck also has one of the best and user-friendly navigation systems. It not only shows the driver what street he is traversing but also tells him onto what street to turn to, this is a very convenient accessory added to the car and will no doubt be of great help for any driver behind the wheel of this vehicle.

About The Author Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications.
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