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Tag Price for Infiniti G35 Sports Sedan Released

The Infiniti brand has already created the newest version of its Infiniti G35 sports sedan which was made just right for the 2007 model year. This 2007 version is actually in the second generation Infiniti G35 sports sedan and retailers of Infiniti vehicles all around the country are soon going to be selling such.

A couple of days earlier, the brand has already announced the tag price that would be coming with the new 2007 Infiniti G35 sports sedan. Of course, with a new price, the vehicle would also be coming with a new design for its exterior plus a revamped interior design. The engine has also been made to be more powerful just imagine having a 3.5 liter V6 engine which could spurt out 306 units of horsepower. The suspension has also been made to be more refined. And luxury features have also been added.

Now, if you are thinking that the new sports sedan would be having a price tag that is much higher than the previous year's model so much so that you are now opting to purchase new Infiniti body parts to boost up your current Infiniti's design rather than buy the new 2007 Infiniti G35 sports sedan, then perhaps you should start changing your thoughts. You see, Infiniti did say that the new base price tag is still the same as the previous year's. And come to think of it, you do get more changes and more upgrades with this 2007 version.

So how much is that new price? According to Infiniti, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP, would be starting at $31,450. For this one, you get the unit that has been built with a rear wheel drive and a five speed automatic transmission. This would be the base model. However, if you would like to go to the top in the range, that one would go for $33,450. That would be the Infiniti G35 Sport and it has got a five speed automatic transmission plus some paddle shifters made out of solid magnesium.

Mark Igo is the vice president and general manager of the brand he exclaims, "This all new 2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan adds the features our customers want, along with enhanced performance, technology and interior warmth all wrapped in a stunning new exterior design. The all new G35 is an even greater consumer value than the first generation G, which is saying a lot."

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