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Stop Chronic Boredom With This Bmw Museum

Stop Chronic Boredom With This BMW Museum

Do you know why July 20, 2005 was a historic day for BMW?

After much anticipation and excitement, Pickerington, Ohio opened a new exhibit at its "Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum". And the name of the new exhibit could not possibly have been chosen better. The name of its new exhibit said it all, "BMW: The Mastery Of Speed." You can almost feel the wind rushing past your head, can't you?

On loan from the Peter Nettesheim collection, this display included many seldom seen machines that are historically important to the development of BMW motorcycles. In addition, the exhibit includes many pictures and artifacts from Mobile Tradition. Just in case you aren't aware, and very few of us are, Mobile Tradition is the division of BMW that is dedicated to preserving the company's heritage.

As you know, the heritage of any company is important to its success.

What made this opening especially memorable was the fact that about 9000 members of the "BMW Motorcycle Owners of America" were having their 33rd Annual International Rally in Lima, Ohio from July 21 to July 24, 2005. Tell me that wasn't a great chance for all the BMW motorcycle enthusiasts to "party" and have a great time. It definitely made the opening of the exhibit a successful event.

The fact is, that BMW understood long before other companies, that what really sells motorcycles is "performance". That's why they have always been leading the pack and on the cutting edge of design and technology. One of the things that made the opening of this exhibit thrilling, was how it gave visitors the chance to see how the BMW motorcycle evolved from day one up until the present time.

You might say that the exhibit itself is "an exhilarating ride".

Because I have a passion for discovering little-known stories and facts about BMW motorcycles and vehicles, sharing this story with you is a big deal for me. It goes to show you that the BMW tradition and excitement isn't limited to its sedans, coupes, convertibles or roadsters.

Our "two footed" friends, my own affectionate term for BMW motorcycles, are just as important to me as other products of the company. What do you think?

I don't want to give you the complete list of what you will find at the "Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum" because I don't want to spoil it for you. It would be like me telling you the ending of a movie that you haven't seen yet. That would be nothing but poor taste on my part. So I won't do that to you.

I'll give you just a few tasty treats of what you will find at the museum.

How would you like to feast your eyes on the 1927 BMW R47. Only 1,720 were sold between 1927 and 1928. Also to satisfy your BMW historical " sweet tooth", you'll see their motorcycles from almost every decade in BMW history. Including the R5, which as most avid enthusiasts know, was the most consistent road-going twin cam race winner for BMW.

You no longer have an excuse to be bored.

Get off the couch and "Stop Chronic Boredom With This BMW Museum".

You'll love it.

Chet Waters is the BMW Specialist. Learn How To Find Your BMW And At The Price You Can Afford. Go To:

About The Author Chet Waters is the BMW Specialist who loves to share with others his passion for everything BMW. Learn How To Find Your BMW And At The Price You Can Afford. Go To:
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