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Pimp My Ride: Mercedes Interiors

Like all things Mercedes, the high-grade leather seat covers are designed to last for years. There are, however, the occasional accidents in life and you may someday be in need of changing the leather interior in your Mercedes. Rather than have to wait weeks or months for the proper factory run of replacement seat covers one can have the task finished in days at Trim Technik Automotive Leather Interiors.

By stocking a large selection of factory specification leather, the professionals at Trim Technik can match the model style and all the factory authorized colors used in their factory installation. With the same materials originally included, you can enjoy the same suppleness and maturing beauty that fine leather gives to the comfort of the interior of your Mercedes. You may also order a custom color for your new leather Mercedes seat covers.

As a distinguished highlight to the leatherwork, Trim Technik can also provide you with quality produced real wood trim specifically selected to compliment the interior of your Mercedes. Trim Technik also provides government compliant window tinting as well for both sun protection and a classier look.

While acquiring new leathers for your Mercedes, you may wish to investigate Trim Technik's heated seat system and enjoy the Triple Crown of comfort and luxury. The next time you take your Mercedes out for a drive, you can choose between their three-level heating to have custom installed in any or all the interior seats.

Trim Technik boasts of one of the world's finest parking systems to include on your Mercedes. With both audio and visual feedback from the four flush fitting, color coded proximity sensors and displayed for you in both front and rear dashboard LED readouts, you need never worry about "bumping" your Mercedes into another vehicle while maneuvering into a parking space.

Providing top of the line warranty and customer service on the improvements to your vehicle, Trim Technik intends a long enjoyment of your Mercedes leather interior and the custom installed Mercedes heated seats.

About The Author Darrell Freeman writing for the professionals at Trim Technik Automotive Leather Interiors who specialize in providing the best leather interiors for the Mercedes-Benz.
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