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Online Consumers Praised 2008 Ford Escape

The struggling Ford Motor Company may have reason to hope for a better future if one should look at the response that the 2008 Ford Escape has received from online consumers. The Escape is set to be released for the 2008 model year with a lot of improvements to cope with the improvements made to its direct competition which includes the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson and the Jeep Patriot.

The said redesign has already been made available for consumers and the reaction to the newest version of the Ford Escape has been overwhelming. The reaction of online consumers to the 2008 Ford Escape is strengthened by the result of the studies conducted by the J.D. Power and Associates which says that 77 percent of new vehicle purchasers consult online sources of auto information before proceeding to buy a vehicle.

In terms of the 2008 Ford Escape's performance as compared to the current model, consumers agree that the redesign offers much more than its predecessor. For instance, Keith from Baton Rogue posted to Yahoo! Autos his appreciation of the new Escape saying: "I just recently test drove the new Escape, and I think it is much better than the model it replaces. First, the styling is much improved. It has more definition, more character. The seating position is first rate, and all of the controls are easy to find and use. It rides firmly, yet comfortably, and the handling is much improved over the old model. The V-6 ought to be standard equipment on all models; the trade-off between power and economy is very good. What's more, the price is right, and everything suggests that the Escape will be a great value for the money. The new Escape is now at the top of my new-car shopping list, and I hope Ford can improve all its models the way they improved this one." The power referred by the consumer can further be enhanced with the use of aftermarket parts such as the Ford Racing cold air intake system.

Another satisfied customer expressed his positive response to the 2008 Ford Escape after buying one. Rick from Los Angeles posted at Yahoo! Autos his reaction to the performance of the Escape saying: "Just bought the 2008 Limited, Black Pearl Slate Metallic with the charcoal interior and all the bells and whistles except for the navigation system. This is my third Escape after a 2001 and a 2005. The '05 was only two years old so I really didn't need this but I wanted it and so now it's in my garage. So far it is miles above the last generation (which was pretty good) in terms of comfort, ride quality, performance and ergonomics. The new interior is a home run and the new 'butched up' exterior, which I wasn't wild about at first, has grown on me and looks much better in person than in photographs. If you can swing it, get the Audiophile speaker sound system - totally worth the extra bucks. A winner all the way around."

The hybrid version of the 2008 Ford Escape is also well received by car buyers. Jeff from Cary, North Carolina has this to say about his new Escape Hybrid: "First hybrid vehicle for our family. We have had Ford trucks in the past and this one has the same rugged feel to it. Hybrid drive system seems to be transparent to driver unless you are paying close attention. It is great to be sitting at a light with no engine noise or vibration, allowing you to listen to the great sound system (with DSP). Acceleration is good and does not feel sluggish at all. If you drive cautiously you can keep the gas engine from turning on up to 30 mph! Regenerative braking works seamlessly, and climate control is very capable. I would highly recommend this truck. I have been averaging 34 mpg back and forth to work in mixed highway/city driving."

These reactions to the 2008 Ford Escape are part of Ford's online promotion of the compact sport utility vehicle. The company has been publishing these reviews on their homepage and is now currently on its eighth installment. The reviews were posted by online consumers on leading online sources of auto information such as and Yahoo! Autos. While online consumers have been singing the Escape's praises online, its true marketing capability will be announced by the end of this month when auto manufacturers will be posting their monthly sales figures.

About The Author Given her background on cars as an auto insurance director, Lauren Woods finds the world of cars to be constantly changing.
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