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Nissan Micra C+c" Coupe and Convertible in One

Nissan the producer of quality Nissan oxygen sensor has recently announced that its new Micra C+C will hit dealerships across Japan starting July 23, 2007. This one-of-a-kind limited volume "coupe/convertible" is imported from Europe and has been altered to suit Japanese market.

The Nissan Micra C+C is popular for its power-retractable glass roof that easily opens and closes in a matter of 22 seconds through a simple push of a button. When the roof of the Micra is closed the car commands a stylish look suggestive of a hardtop coupe. With top down, the Nissan Micra offers the open-air ambience experience only on classic convertibles. The name Micra was derived from the word "micro" while the letters "C+C" stand for Coupe plus Convertible. The Micra was very popular in Europe starting from the time that it was launched there in November of 2005.

A Touch of European
The Nissan Micra C+C offers the same outstanding convenience features as the Nissan March. It also continues the user-focused design and premium quality that distinguishes the Micra from March however both possess a strong European influence inside and out.

The Nissan Micra C+C's sporty appearance is highlighted by a glass roof that gives the car a unified appearance from windshield to trunk. Karmann the renowned European convertible manufacturer developed and supplies the retractable glass roof for the MIcra. In the up position, the glass top prevents 93 percent of ultraviolet radiation to protect the occupants from possible sunburn. A shade is also provided to lessen direct exposure to the sun. Karmann's logo is located on the lower part of the body.

The sporty look of the Micra C+C is attributed to the combination of its low vehicle height and distinctive character line running from the cabin to the rear. The overall look of the Micra is round up by a unique grille, front bumper, tailpipe finisher, and sill protectors. Nissan Micra C+C is offered in five striking body colors that includes Breeze Blue Metallic.

The Micra possess an airy, spacious interior that thrive in natural light with an ambience that is inviting, warm and roomy. And thanks to its versatile roof design, the interior is perfect for whatever season.

The Micra is equipped with heated seats, perfect for a comfortable open top driving experience. The seats are also upholstered in a combination of genuine leather and suede-like fabric that creates a modern, high-quality that is at the same time casual.

The driver's seat is also adjustable to achieve optimum driving position for drivers of various sizes and this is made possible through the use of a lifter that moves the cushion vertically 30 mm and fore/aft sliding travel of 240 mm. The Micra has also a lumbar support that ensures a comfortable driving posture.

The black trim is highlighted with metallic accents to achieve a sportier look while the fresh, stylish ice-blue trim underscores a refined sense of fashion. The Micra C+C's interior also features white-faced instruments, a trip computer, and an abundance of storage spaces that includes a secret lockable storage box that is located under the front passenger seat.

The trunk of the Micra C+C has a storage capacity of 457 liters (VDA) with the roof closed and 255 liters once the roof is lowered and stored. It also has wide trunk opening and a low lift-over height that allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

About The Author Zeke Gervis has a degree in Human Resource Management. He is an F1 fanatic and is a collector of racing memorabilias. At present, he enjoys working at a consulting firm in Iowa.
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