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Lowest Unique Bid Company Launches: Hummer Goes to Winner

The winner of the auction will choose from either a new Hummer H3 Luxury, HSV Clubsport R8 or an FPV GT. A large portion of the proceeds ($20,000.00) will go directly to World Wildlife Fund.

The founder of Rohan Croucher says, “I started this business to give people the chance to ‘Live the Dream’ of owning the car of their dreams while reducing our carbon footprint and saving the worlds endangered wildlife by donating to the World Wildlife Fund ”. Rohan also states, “I know all to well the hardship people face around Australia with rising interest rates and growing inflation. With all this pressure, not many people can just go out and buy the car of their dreams”.

That’s where steps in. For a small admin fee of $15.00 per bid ($2.00 of which goes to WWF), anyone over 18 and living in Australia, USA, New Zealand or Canada, can place a bid from one cent to $100.00 for the Car. At the end of the auction, whoever has the Lowest Unique Bid will be the winner. This bid is one that a single person has chosen, for instance; if five people choose $1.55, one person chooses $1.56 and two choose $1.57, the person who chose $1.56 is the winner.

Lowest Unique Bid Auctions are gaining popularity in Australia as the odds of winning are quite high if you compare it to Raffles or Lotto. For this particular auction the odds are 1:10,000, of course these odds are even lower if an individual places more than one bid.

In the future aims at having prestige cars for auction such as a BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne or even a Porsche 911. Rohan finished by saying, “My aim is to make as many people happy as I possibly can, I can’t wait to see the winners face light up when I hand the keys over for their new Dream Car. More importantly I know we all can’t wait to see WWF further their efforts in saving the earth and curing it's problems. I hope every Australian Adult saves their lunch money for one day, and has a bid. The more auctions we run the more money we can give to WWF, and who knows you just may be the one who wins”.

Anyone over 18 can bid at:

About The Author For further info please contact Rohan
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