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Grown Up Renault Clio Still Has Va Va Voom!

Though visions of "Papa" and "Nicole" are etched into the mindset whenever most of us hear the name "Renault Clio", make no mistake this is a car that has come a long way since it burst on to the scene in 1991.

Sixteen years on the standard (non-Sport) Clio is not so much 'chic and sexy' as 'quiet and practical' - its even ballooned in size and now ranks more as a 'super midi' than a 'super mini' presumably so an older Nicole has room for her husband and 2.4 children.

Nevertheless what it lacks in youthful exuberance it makes up for in comfort and reliability - in fact in an Auto Express customer satisfaction survey in 2007, the Renault Clio received recognition as the 49th most satisfying car to own, a welcome boost for the manufacturer which has rarely had the most outstanding customer reputation.

And we all know what reliability means - yes, cheap car insurance. Or at least that's the theory.

Unfortunately that doesn't come as standard like its electric power steering so I suggest you shop around with a car insurance comparison tool. Searching specifically for Renault car insurance should help you save cash.

The petrol versions of the Renault Clio have superior handling to the diesel models when pushed to the limit, mainly due to the reduced weight.

Safety measures are good too, with up to eight airbags available, along with a seat belt load limiter for the front seats. In fact, the Renault Clio earned a maximum five-star rating for adult occupancy and a high four-star rating for child occupant safety in the Euro NCAP ratings, making it one of the safest small cars around.

It's clear the Renault Clio has matured and is now arguably more desirable than ever.

About The Author LuckySeven is an author specialising in car insurance.
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