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Econoline Ford Vans, The Perfect Commercial Vehicles For You

FordMotor Company is the third largest car manufacturer in the world and has beenin the automobile industry since 1903. Ford is a reputed vehicle manufacturerdue to their constant effort to renovate designs engineered for safety, comfortand reliability. Econoline also referred to as E-Series, was the Ford vanintroduced in 1961. The inspiration behind the Econoline Fordvans was to provide consumers with a compact and durable van. Thisvan has turned into an essential for commercial companies requiring extensivedelivery and travelling to run their businesses. Since 1980, it has been thetop selling American van for the last 28 years, with over 6 million vansconstructed till date.

Thefirst van introduced by Ford was the Ford Falcon van. It was manufactured from1961 to 1967. The Ford Falcon was distinguished by its flat nose, and theengine located between and behind the front seats. This vehicle was used byestablished companies such as Bell Telephone System. In 1968, Ford vans wererecreated to have the engine in the front under a short hood. They alsoincluded I beam front suspension engineered designs and a V8 engine. In 1992,The E-Series Ford Vans were honoured with The Truck Of The Year title. From 1992to 1997, Ford vans started becoming more aerodynamic, had no tail light lenses,lower front bumpers and were fully equipped with dual airbags. The setback ofFord vans in the late 90s was their tendency to roll over because of theirhigh centre of gravity and heavy passenger load.

Butall that has been rectified with the variety of additional featuresincorporated into the new 2008 Ford vans. The new Ford vans have beenredesigned completely with quality upgrades with a capacity of up to 15passengers. The vans today are created with roll stability control technology,to help drivers maintain vehicle control during extreme situations. Ford vansare available as commercial vans, recreational vans, XL, XLT, and ChateauWagons. These vans can be used for a variety of professional and personal tasksoffering the ideal space for either family and/or transport goods.

Thevan is built in with an econocargo storage system made up of durable panels andhigh density polyethylene to protect any goods or delivery items. The storagesystem is also insulated to retain heat or cold. Companies that offer cateringand food services to people would find this van extremely useful since foodoften requires to be kept cool or warm. Medical companies also requiremedicines, lab samples, organs and other crucial items to be kept at lowtemperatures and to transport them, this van would be a perfect option. Vanscome in six different seating arrangements. The master rack workbin installed iscatered to individuals that need containers for fastening their tools and partsneeded for work. It is a quiet storage solution for your tools within your van.These vans also have a reverse sensing system to warn drivers of obstaclesbehind the van when reversing the vehicle.

The engines availablein Ford van models are 4.6 litre, 5.4 litre, 6.8 litre and 6.0 litre diesel engines. Ford vans have deepskirt engine blocks with low friction aspects enhancing the vans reliability.All engines are designed with fuel economy characteristics.  If your van is properly equipped it can tow upto 3,130 kilograms.If you need a van for your personal or professional needs then you could do awhole lot worse than choosing one which has been the best selling van for thelast 20 years! Ford vans are an excellent choice offering good fuel economy, cheap van insurance and low runningcosts. Dont just buy any van. Buy an excellent van that can be utilized atevery opportunity.
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