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Drive Ahead and the Mercedes Benz Mirror Will Help You

The basic function of a mirror is to reflect the things that the eyes are not able to see. The most common is when people use it to check their appearance every once in a while, for definitely no one has the capacity to see his own face without any reflecting device. In driving, mirrors are the answers to attain full view of the road and the surrounding vehicles without the driver straining his neck just to see. And if he is lucky enough, his car might just be hooked up with the high quality Mercedes Benz Mirror. With its variety of different types with different functions and style, the driver will only have a smooth drive ahead.

However, there is this saying that one must be able to look back from where he came from. That is what the Mercedes Benz Mirror does---both literally and figuratively. The Mercedes Mirror set has a rear-view mirror. A rear-view mirror is a functional type of mirror found on automobiles and other vehicles, designed to allow the driver to see the area behind the vehicle through the back window. Rear-view mirrors are sometimes confused with side-view mirrors, a different type of mirror found on the left and right-hand sides of most modern vehicles. Though these mirrors do face backwards, they are meant to show the driver the traffic to the left and right-hand sides of the automobile. Inside the Mercedes Benz Mirror is a "unit magnification" so it is not convex.

The driver is close enough to both these mirrors for simple head motion to be sufficient significantly to expand the field of view. The passenger side side-view mirror is far enough away for the field of view to be fixed, despite movement of the driver and a convex mirror is desirable to expand the field of view. Typically, the rear-view mirror is affixed to the top of the windscreen on a swivel mount allowing it to be freely rotated. Certain car models have the rear-view mirror mounted on top of the dashboard. When adjusting the mirror, it is advised to sit in the driver's seat in the same manner that you will be sitting while driving. Their utility may be diminished in cars with large spoilers or tiny back windows, obstructions in the back seat or trailer. Vanity mirrors attached to sun visors do not meet the adjustment requirements of rear-view mirrors and cannot be used as such. The Mercedes Benz Rear-view Mirrors are designed to break away upon collision to minimize injury to occupants who are thrown against it.

On the other hand, a wing mirror is another Mercedes Benz Mirror found on motor vehicles for the purposes of helping the driver see areas behind the vehicle. A wing mirror is mounted (usually) on a wing or part analogous thereto, unlike a rear-view mirror. Sometimes a wing mirror is called a side-view mirror, although the purpose of the mirror is to help the driver see to the vehicles rear, not its sides. Car wing mirrors, in the United States, will usually have this line engraved on the lower part of the mirror: "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." The car wing mirrors are generally convex mirrors to allow the driver of the car to get a wide-angle view of the road but at the same time, causes objects to appear more distant. A flat mirror on the other hand would not provide a wider view of the road so they are generally used in cars as rear-view mirrors.

The name Mercedes Benz is not only a Roman Column in the Parthenon of the Car Industry. They have pioneered countless innovations since their establishment, and their name is now synonymous to luxury cars made with high performance and style. Plus every one of their car parts are created out of ingenious efficiency. So when the Mercedes Benz Mirror was created, they intended not only the simple function of reflection, but the solution for the driver to smoothly drive ahead.

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