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Another Award for Volvo

Volvo is known for their mass produced cars that are loaded with safety implements. Indeed, the name of the company has become synonymous with car safety.

Its dedication to producing cars with safety in mind has made the car manufacturer one of the safest bets when buying a car. But this is not the only area where the company excels - the name is also carried around the world by buses and coaches that have been setting the standards in mass transportation. The Volvo Bus Corporation, which is in the same group as the car manufacturer, is the world's second largest manufacturer of buses and coaches and is just on the same boat as the cars produced by its sister company. It is also known for producing high performance vehicles with amenities that passengers will surely love.

The corporation's effort has recently been acknowledged in India where the company's Volvo City Bus B7RLE received the much coveted Commercial Vehicle Technology of the Year from the Car India & Bike India Magazine and also from a TV business news channel for the year 2006. The award was given to Volvo for their effort in "changing the overall outlook of the commuters toward city travel" as stated by the jury during the awarding ceremony. The feat was made possible by the company's network of 19 service and parts center in the entire country supporting its 1,200 buses. The Volvo bus fleet includes both inter-city and city means of transportation.

The impact of the Volvo City Bus B7RLE in the traffic condition of the cities in the country is quite remarkable. By providing a luxury air conditioned bus in the country, they have given an alternative for commuters in the country's sprawling cities to use the transport system instead of using their personal cars. This attitude by the commuters is slowly decongesting the country's busy city streets. It not only lessens the volume of traffic, the shift made by the country's commuters also lessens the amount of emissions since there are fewer personal vehicles roaming the streets than before the inception of the luxury bus.

One of the main reasons why commuters are opting for the bus transportation around the country's cities is the luxurious and comfortable feel that the bus offers. The bus is a fully air conditioned mass transportation vehicle. The interior of the bus gives freedom of movement for its passengers and its stability and soft ride due to superior suspension system are also good reasons why a large amount of the country's city commuters are leaving their personal transport vehicles behind at their garages. In addition to that, the bus' performance is also of high caliber, thanks to its optimized engine that has been working perfectly with other components made for Volvo whether it is a stock part or a Volvo OEM part.

The company's vision though of sending this bus out to other markets is still a long way off and the current steps made by the company is just the opening move since they are committed to being a key role player in ridding the country's city of traffic congestions. The vision of the company is very much welcome for India because of its developing cities which roads have been congested with personal vehicles that poses a great threat to the environment due to excessive emissions.

About The Author Glady Reign is a 32 year old is a consultant for an automotive firm based in Detroit, Mi. she is a native of the Motor City and grew up around cars hence her expertise in the automotive field.
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