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Tales From the Ford Super Duty Tailpipe Fires

37,000 units of the 2008 model year Ford Super Duty F-Series pickup trucks are going to be recalled. And this is according to a press release sent out by the Ford Motor Company last Wednesday. The reason for the recall was that there have been reports of these pickups experiencing fires in their tailpipes.

As on the end of the company, a spokesperson did also mention that they really did receive reports about these. However, they only received three. Upon further inspection, the company has found out that the tailpipe fires have started because of leaking fuel or oil had started the fire upon being trapped in the diesel particulate filter found near the tailpipe of the vehicles.

Also, the spokesperson from the company did further mention that they had they had looked into one particular case wherein the tailpipe fire also became the cause for another fire - this time, the blaze was set on grass. This happened when the driver pulled off the road and the fire crept to the nearby grass.

Dan Jarvis, the spokesperson of the company, did say though that despite hearing reports like this, they are also quite happy to note that there were no injuries or accidents of any sort that has happened as a result of the tailpipe fires from the Ford Super Duty F-Series pickups.

Jarvis did continue to say, "This is an important product for us and an important customer base, and we want to move swiftly to make sure this does not become a safety issue for our customers."

As part of the move of the company to straighten out this fiery mess, the company has already sent word to their official dealers last Wednesday to immediately put a stop to selling the vehicles. The vehicles would be back on the stands and would be for sale as soon as the problem is rectified. But owners of the vehicles should need not worry for the repair and the work to be done on the vehicles would not take long. In fact, the company is estimating that it should only about 10 minutes for the repair.

This particular situation just goes to show that a simple thing like a tailpipe could still be cause for recall. So, as car owners, we should always be on the lookout for anything wrong with the vehicle, especially if it is still fairly new. Who knows? Perhaps those Nissan multi rib belt that you just purchased have defects that would entail a recall.

About The Author Ryan Thomas is a native of Denver, Colorado. He grew up in a family of car afficionados. He now resides in Detroit where he owns a service shop and works part time as a consultant for a local automotive magazine.
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