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Lane Departure Warning System Reduce Accidents for Prime Inc

Safety features abound in the auto industry to provide consumers with the most possible weapons to avoid accidents or reduce risk of severe injury when accidents are not avoided. Car manufacturers like Volvo have taken a lot of effort in the development of such features. These safety features are proven to be of good use to consumers when they need it.

Another company which has developed a safety feature for vehicles is Iteris Inc. The said company is a leading producer of vision-based technologies dedicated to developing technologies that will keep drivers safe. One of their innovative products is the Lane Departure Warning system.

Recently, the company reported that their technology has significantly reduced the number of accidents for one of their customers.

Prime Inc., one of the leading operators of refrigerated, flatbed and tanker carriers is one company which has invested by equipping their vehicles with the Lane Departure Warning system. Towards the end of last year, the company had 515 of their units equipped with the system. These vehicles since then have covered 33.3 million miles already.

Recently, Iteris and Prime reported that the number of accidents met by their vehicles have been reduced compared to the number of accidents met by their vehicles not equipped with the system. The duo reported that run-off-road and rollover cases for the vehicles equipped with the system is 0.03 per million. This means that for the 33.3 million miles traveled by the 515 vehicles, there has only been one case of accident.

That report is compared to the number of accidents met by Prime's vehicles in the year 2006. During that year, the 2,700 vehicles operated by the company traveled a combined 328 million miles. The rate of run-off-road and rollover crashes recorded is 0.19 per million miles. That means an accident happening every 5.3 million miles traveled.

Comparing the accident rate of vehicles equipped and not equipped with the system shows an 85 percent reduction of accidents met. That will translate to a savings of $551,000 annually spent for repairs and other expenses involved in crashes.

The Lane Departure Warning system is a safety features that warns drivers if they are driving out of their lane. The device makes this possible by the use of onboard cameras. The safety feature warns the driver that he or she is moving out of his or her lane by activating the vibrating mechanism integrated into the driver's seat.

The technology was developed for Nissan Motors and since then has been installed on several models with the cameras installed on the outside mirrors just above the Nissan hood on some Nissan models.

About The Author Ryan Thomas is a native of Denver, Colorado. He grew up in a family of car afficionados. He now resides in Detroit where he owns a service shop and works part time as a consultant for a local automotive magazine.
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