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Understanding Female Car Insurance

Are you a female driver? If so then you could potentially benefit from specific female car insurance deals.

We all know that insurance can be expensive. However there are a number of different policies designed to save specific groups of driver's money. One group is female drivers, but just why does gender make a difference and what should you look out for when choosing the right insurance for you?

Why Female Car Insurance is often Cheaper

It is a long standing joke in the UK that female drivers are more hazardous on the road than male drivers. However the joke really is on the males as they could be paying a significantly higher amount for their insurance in comparison.

The main reason why female car insurance is often cheaper for females is because statistically females have fewer accidents than males. They tend to be more careful drivers and insurance companies see them to be a lower risk to insure. That is why they can afford to give discounts to female drivers.

Not only do female drivers get good introductory rates, but many companies also aim to keep their female drivers happy. That means that discounts and benefits are constantly given throughout the insurance period. However, not all companies designed specifically for female drivers will give out lower quotes. Some will simply lure you in under false pretences and the rate you will end up paying could be the same as it is for male drivers. So just how do you find a reliable, female car insurance company?

Finding the Best Female Motor Insurance

A good way to find female motor insurance is to use a specialist broker. They will be able to search the market for you and bring back some of the best results tailored to your needs. Not only might you benefit from female only insurance, but there could be other discounts you are entitled to too. For example, if your car is kept in a garage and you keep a wheel lock on it as well as an alarm, then that would make it difficult to steal. Insurance companies would look favourably at that and you could be offered a reduced rate. The same applies if you drive fewer miles than average. Obviously the less you drive, the less likely you are to have an accident and this will be reflected in your insurance.

By using a specialist broker, they will be able to search for female only insurance and get good, relevant quotes to suit you. They search literally hundreds of companies and do all of the hard work so you don't have to.

One thing you will have to take into account when looking for female only insurance, is if you want to include your partner or your son on your insurance policy. If you do then you may not be able to qualify for a lower insurance rate. Some female only companies will only allow female drivers on their policy so you will need to state on your search if you do plan to include males on your policy. Overall female drivers could benefit significantly from specific female car insurance.

About The Author David Thomson is Chief Executive of BestDealInsurance an independent specialist broker dedicated to giving consumers the best insurance deal. They offer great value home, life and car insurance.
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