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James Bonds Car Insurance "means More Car for His Money"

According to Virgin Car Insurance, James Bond's car is worth more than 7,000.

The new movie, Casino Royale, can cause James Bond a pay check of about 7,108.50 if his Aston Martin DBS V12 will get damaged. Now, taking in to consideration the past films, it is a certain fact that the automobile of the world's famous character has been crashed or exploded in at least six of his films.

That's why, the car insurance company advices James Bond to get his car insured before starting his high-speed well-known chases.

The fortune that might cost the tough guy if he does not ensure the car, was calculated taking in to consideration the age of the secret agent, his occupation, the vehicle extras as for example the ejector seats or the rockets and his past accidents. The employees of the insurance company were bearing in their mind the scene in which the agent crashes the car into a wall in "Goldfinger" or the one when he drove into a lake in "View To A Kill" or the scene when he races off a car park roof in "Tomorrow Never Dies".

Virgin Money spokesperson, John Franklin, said: "We were surprised at how low Bond's premium would be bearing in mind the car he drives and his clear lack of a no claims bonus. It just goes to show that even drivers with an action packed driving record don't have to be Goldfinger to get great car insurance."

With respect to the car insurances, Lloyd East, general manager of AA Personal Loans, suggested that getting a good deal on car finance "can mean more car for your money". And that piece of advice was not only given to James Bond or to the restrain group of the rare secret agents who exist in the world, but to the regular drivers who willingly or not are risking to lose fortunes if an accident is to occur and damage their own cars.

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