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Car Insurance: How to Make a Claim

There are over 31 million cars on Britain's roads. With such a vast amount of traffic, it's no surprise that everyday there are over 10 thousand accidents reported.

Over the course of your lifetime it's likely that you will be involved in at least one road traffic accident.

So, seeing as the chances are stacked in your favour of being involved in a car accident, here's a handy guide on making a claim.

&bull Inform your car insurance company as soon possible after the accident has occurred. Obtain the name and car insurance details of all other parties involved in the accident and then pass these details on to your insurer. You insurers will deal with all communications with the other affected parties on your behalf.

&bull If your car has been stolen then report it immediately to the police. They will give you an incident number which you will need to pass to your insurers.

&bull Be consistent with you account of what happened, as any deviation in your story could potentially jeopardise the outcome of your claim.

&bull Your car insurance company will tell you where to take your car for repairs. Don't take your car to your local garage hoping that the insurers will cover the costs. Insurance companies normally have approved garages in your area that they use to carry out accident repairs.

&bull Keep copies of all correspondence linked with your car insurance claim. Try to keep a record of all forms of communications you receive as you may need to refer to these at a later date.

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