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Car Insurance: How to Get the Best Deal

Being a UK legal requirement makes car insurance one of the most popular financial products held by consumers.

Seeing as the majority of people in the UK have car insurance, it would be easy to assume that there's a lot of car insurance savvy people out there.

Unfortunately this is not the case; far too many of us are in the habit of sticking with the same car insurance company for far too long. This means that we inadvertently pay hundreds of pounds more each year than we need to.

It's a habit that many of us just can't seem to shake; your car insurance renewal reminder arrives on your doorstep and it just gets ignored. Instead of comparing your insurance premium against what other insurance companies offer, you just let it slide and your insurance gets automatically renewed for another year.

Getting into the routine of shopping around for car insurance could potentially save you a lot of money. But, keep in mind that if you do happen to find an ultra-cheap insurance deal then remember to check the small print carefully. You may find that your new insurance policy doesn't cover certain items. For example, guaranteed car hire may not be included.

Before the days of the internet, comparing car insurance used to be a tedious business. Many hours could be spent on the phone, repeating your details over and over again to numerous car insurance companies. However, things have all changed, and thanks to the availability of numerous price comparison websites, searching for insurance quotes is an altogether faster process. Just enter your details once and then all the leg work is done for you. In no time you have a list of quotes from multiple insurers.

When things are this easy, it's now easier to break those old habits of sticking with the same insurance company year after year.

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