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Secured Car Loan: Car Finance at Cheap Rates

The sole aim of car loans is to provide the necessary finance to prospective buyers. With the car market undergoing a sea change with the availability of every possible model, it has become difficult for borrowers to choose what is best. Whether it is a small car or a big sedan, SUV, loans are easily available depending on the borrower's choice. Secured car loan is one such loan which provides the necessary finance at lowest possible rates of interest.

To avail Secured car loan, the borrower is required to pledge property against the loan amount. The property pledged can be your home, real estate or any other valuable asset. The placing of the collateral covers the risk element of the lender. The lender in turn offers the loan amount at cheap rates of interest. By placing the collateral, the borrower can negotiate with the lender to further reduce the interest rate. The amount derived basically depends on the equity value of the collateral.

Secured car loans offer 90-100% of the total requirement of the total loan amount. The duration of repayment is usually 5-7 years. However, you can extend the repayment period can be extended depending on the circumstances. The loan is beneficial as the borrower can use the loan amount to buy any car of choice. However, before availing the loan, it is recommended to know the actual price of the car. By knowing the exact price, it helps the borrower to avail the amount which is necessary. Determining the exact price helps in repaying the loan amount as it helps the borrower o refrain from availing more than the required amount.

Secured car loans can also be availed by bad credit borrowers. The lenders approve the loan without any credit check as the loan is secured. The rate of interest will be slightly higher. But with timely repayment, the loan amount can be easily paid and it also helps to improve the credit score.

Secured car loans offer the finances to borrowers to help them buy a car of their choice. The loan amount covers all the expenses which are available at cheap interest rates.

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