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Five Steps to Your Car Purchase

If you want to buy a new car, you do not necessarily have to take the loan, which is offered to you. Although the loan may often be a good thing, it is not always the best choice. To save your money by a better deal, remember the following.
1) Know how much money you can pay. One of the most important factors of getting the loan is to ensure that it fits your finances. To do that, you have to determine how much you can really afford. You are the only person to know that and it is much better if you stay below this figure while purchasing a car. There is no point in buying a car you will not be able to keep and maintain. Be sure to take into account car insurance and other additional expenses such as gas.
2) Get an approval for your auto loan. After you are approved, the lender will provide you with a blank check containing a credit limit. Your only task is to find the car you want and complete the check for the sum needed to buy that car. The loan comes into action as soon as you sign it. In case you don't, the loan gets cancelled and the check transforms into a void one very soon.
3) Find a car you have always wanted. The following task is to decide which car you want to purchase. You can make it easy using online resources. The next step is to get to know how much that same car costs in different places. Be on the alert of being charged money only to see the cars at a car dealer. They do that to get some money from you in order for them to be able to hold you there until you purchase something from them. Normally, you have to pay nothing to see cars.
4) Bargain for a better price. When you get to know what sum of money you have to pay for that car, you should bargain for a more suitable price with the car salesman. Usually, you can bring the price of the car down within two hundred dollars. But remember that they need some profit to survive. Take into account the fact that you can lessen your payments by making a down payment. It is also important that if you shorten the time for repayment as much as you can, it will save you more dollars in the result. Do not let the dealer add anything to your agreement without your notice.
5) Drive away - the last step of your deal, when you have a splendid opportunity to drive away in your own car. All you have done is a mark of a successful purchase, so enjoy your new car.

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